Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Increase RAM Using USB/ Pen drive In Windows 7/8/8.1

Posted by Naveen Shiva
Hello Guys,I Recently bought an old PC from my friend everything is fine with that system, but the problem is that the System is Too slow due to less ram memory of 512MB and I am unable to play latest games which require huge Ram space I thought of buying a new RAM,then one of my friend told me  "Not to worry and there is no need of  buying a new Ram with greater memory capacity (i.e 2,4or 8GB).Using this trick we can use an external memory device like a Pen Drive as RAM which is way cheaper when compared to buying a new RAM .So today i am here to make you learn a small trick on How To Boost Your PC Ram Using Pen drive in Windows 7/8/8.1

Step1: Connect Your Pendrive To PC.

Step2: Right click on Pendrive and Select Properties.

Step3: Select ReadyBoost option on upward right corner. And Click on use this device.

Step5: Then select the amount of memory space which you want to use as Ram.

Step6: Then Finally Click on OK.


Depending upon your pendrive you should give the space,For Example your pendrive is 4GB then you should provide Space Less than 4GB.


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